Initial setup fee of £300: includes a one off risk assessment for fire, safety and hygiene hazards (with relevant signs and hard copy information); meeting with the employer to discuss their individual needs, including specific employee responsibilities, rotas, changeover books, medication charts, training available; discussing level of ongoing support required and providing initial staff training in their new employer's specific circumstances.

Monthly fee on a flexible scale of £30 to £150 (based on level of support required): includes meetings with employees to ensure that they are aware of their specific responsibilities (including meetings with senior support worker or training if necessary); ensuring legal paperwork is up to date (e.g. liability insurance, employee driving licenses and PVG Disclosures1); ensuring employees' training certificates are up to date; sourcing client specific training and qualifications for the employer and their employees (note: these training costs are extra); helping the employer deal with disciplinary matters. Monthly fee can include training for a named worker in maintaining discipline, rotas, holiday and sickness cover, etc.

All financial and legal requirements remain the responsibility of the named employer.