Fire Warden Marshal Training

About the Course

Current legislation requires employers to provide training to staff in the actions to be taken in the event of a fire. This course covers the essentials required to meet this legislation. Candidates will the role of fire warden/marshall should attend this course, and will benefit from knowledge of the following topics:

Understand the Fire Triangle and be able to assess and tackle small fires.

  • What fire is and how it spreads 
  • Preventing fires occurring 
  • Controlling the effects if they start 
  • Means of extinguishing fires 
  • Role of a fire warden/fire marshal 
  • Emergency procedures/escape plan  
  • Evacuation of people with disabilities 
  • Demonstration of fire extinguishers
  • A4 and pocket size certificate are awarded.

Delivered by SFAT ref RN1991 for all training enquiries

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