Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide to assisting a person employing Support Staff on Direct Payments

Step 1

Social Worker introduces the client to concept of Direct Payments and explains there is help available through support services and Respite Now, to enable them to employ, train and manage staff.

Step 2

A council employee visits (or writes to) the client to ensure they know how much money they are entitled to within their Support Package (including Respite) and how much their weekly contribution will be to the Package. They also explain the Financial Returns System and decide if the Client is able to complete the Returns themselves or if they will need support. If support is needed, Respite Now can provide as part of the ongoing management broker service.

Step 3

A support services representative visits the client to introduce them to responsibilities of being an employer, discuss with them the duties the staff would need to complete and the hours the staff would be expected to work.

Step 4

Staff profile placed with Job Centre+ Respite Now and support services websites and to relevant staff using the Respite Now Staff Directory Service. Support services set up a third party bank account on behalf of the client.

Step 5

A Respite Now representative visits the client and explains the responsibilities of managing staff, ensuring they are properly trained, keeping accurate daily records (MARS, Changeover Sheets, etc.), ensuring all paperwork is up to date and relevant to their individual situation (PVG Disclosures, Employee Driving Licences, Employers Liability Insurance). The client is then provided with forms relevant to their individual situation.

Step 6

The client supported by Respite Now or support services interviews and employs staff on a 13 week probationary period. Support services take up references and PVG Disclosures. Respite Now conducts a risk assessment of the client's house and provides staff training, individually tailored to the client's needs based on the initial client meeting. A 4 week timeframe maximum to complete job fill.

Step 7

Respite Now tailor an ongoing Management Service relevant to a client's individual situation using whichever one of our 3 Level Staff Management Plan (below) suits their requirements. This includes monthly review meetings with employer and employees/key worker.

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